Thursday, April 14, 2005

Nasty Tattoo & Piercing Customers

Tatooers and Piercers Share Nasty Customer Horror Stories. Like the following;

I had a girl come in once that had taken a bicycle spoke and heated it red hot and shoved it through her upper cartilage once on each ear. To make things worse for jewelry she used some thorns off a bush and left them for quite some time. By the time she came in complaining of the pain, her ears had gangrened around the thorns! I took them out and dermal punched around the tissue that was dead and put plugs in and told her to go to the doctor for antibiotics. She came back a week later and had not washed them once nor had she gone to get antibiotics. They were still infected and I told her to go to the doctor or emergency room for medicine or never come back. I never saw her again.

The above is a mild story compared to many of the rest on the site.


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